Web Developer & Foodie

A Web developer & Foodie with sense of UI/UX design, I can differentiate between hundreds of shades of the given color that people see and observe normally. I have background of composing the code alongside mastery in creating intelligent web interfaces. I am passionate about exploring technical aspects of everything. An unusual personality who has immaculate programming, design sense and passion for clean & innovative digital spaces.

More interested in: JavaScript, NodeJS, Python, Web Programming, WordPress, Mobile Apps, Blogging, Food, Music, Badminton.

If Dinosaurs would come alive again stamping humanity towards extinction I would be seen enjoying Pizzas. In my free time I like singing and playing badminton.

Conclusively and emphatically, I enjoy developing any web interface, i.e responsive websites, web or mobile apps. With many years of experience in front end & web development, capable of producing full functional and interactive displays. Approach with an attention to detail and a determination to exceed your expectations.